San Diego Furnace Repair

Finding out that it is time for San Diego furnace repair can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can contact us here at United Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric if you need to have your furnace repaired, replaced or even if you just need regular maintenance. We understand that furnace problems can mean the difference between a freezing night and a restful sleep. This is why we offer reliable and affordable San Diego same-day furnace repair! So, the next time you have a furnace problem in the middle of the night or even on the weekend, feel free to contact us at 1-800-233-1950! We’re available 24/7! Or, if you prefer, you can always visit our San Diego furnace repair professionals 1612 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles CA 90026.

Reasons to Select Us For All Your San Diego Furnace Needs

First of all, for our customer’s peace of mind, our company only employs licensed and insured workers. We will make sure that every San Diego furnace repair job is done right the first time, every time. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and we always come highly recommended by our many satisfied customers. We have also been given awards by Angie’s List. We also offer reliable San Diego same-day furnace repair and we respond within 60 minutes! Our company even offers a variety of furnace replacement and furnace tune-up specials in San Diego! Furthermore, we can perform San Diego furnace replacement.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair in San Diego

San Diego furnace repair work geo-tagged imageAny furnace problem that has to be fixed right away is considered an emergency. There are several signs that point to furnace problems. The most common reasons to call us for furnace repair or replacement in San Diego are:

  • You notice smoke or strange smells coming from your furnace
  • If the fans in your furnace start to make strange noises or cause your unit to shake violently
  • Air blows, but it is not heated
  • Your carbon monoxide detector alarm sounds (leave your home IMMEDIATELY if this occurs, carbon monoxide is deadly)

When is Furnace Replacement in San Diego Necessary?

One of the more common reasons people give us here at United Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric a call is to learn when is the most appropriate time to look into replacing their home furnace. There are a few different reasons to consider San Diego furnace replacement services. The most common reasons are:

  • The furnace is more than 10 or 15 years old
  • Your furnace system is costing too much in utility bills
  • The furnace is constantly breaking down and requiring more than frequent repairs
  • Upgrading to a more environmentally friendly unit
  • Needing a more powerful furnace system to keep up with heating demands

If you find yourself thinking “now is the time for a furnace replacement” then give us a call. We’re available 24/7 and even offer a variety of furnace replacement specials in San Diego.

Schedule Regular Furnace Tune-Ups In San Diego

San Diego dirty furnace filter geo-tagged imageRegularly scheduled and performed furnace maintenance in San Diego will help make sure that your system works to its full ability for its entire expected lifespan. During a typical furnace maintenance service call, our technicians will:

  • Check and change your dirty filters
  • Check the heat exchange and ignition system
  • Make sure none of the gas lines are clogged or leaking
  • Check the electronics to make sure nothing is malfunctioning
  • Check the fan balance
  • Give the unit a good dusting
  • Check and program your thermostat

Remember: Regular filter changes, system checks and pre-season start-up checkups keep furnaces working for a long time. So contact us to schedule regular furnace maintenance with us today! We even offer a variety of furnace tune up specials in San Diego!

Get in Touch With Our San Diego Furnace Repair, Replacement and Maintenance Experts Today

When it comes to San Diego furnace repair, replacement, installation and maintenance services, you can always rely on us here at United Plumbing, Heating, Air & Electric. We’re available 24/7 and respond within 60 minutes! No matter your furnace issue, we have you covered. So, don’t hesitate! Contact our San Diego furnace repair professionals today!

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