Condenser/ Blower Fans

What Is Air Conditioner and Furnace Blower?

A HVAC blower fan, also called a HVAC condenser fan, is the fan that blows air through the evaporator coil to cool it or a heat exchanger to heat it. Without an effective blower/condenser fan, you wouldn’t get enough cool or warm air circulating throughout your property.

What Problems Can Occur?

There are a number of tell-tale sign there is a problem with your blower/condenser fan:

  1. Damaged fans can cause an odd banging noise to come from your unit.
  2. Your air conditioning or heating system may fail to produce cold or warm air
  3. There may be weak air flow coming from the vents
  4. Ice could start to cover the unit (when using the air conditioner)

A failure caused by the fan could place greater stress on other parts in the system. We would recommend you switch off your system and arrange an inspection if any of the above problems occur.

Diagnosing Problems

  1. The blower fan may fail to start, due to overheating. Wait for the system to cool down before turning it back on again. If it is a recurring problem, a fault could be causing it – you need a qualified engineer to check it out or it may cause greater damage, and higher energy bills.
  2. The fan belt may not be working. If you can hear the fan working when you switch the system on, but aren’t getting any cold air circulating through your home, it’s possible this is due to a worn or faulty belt and you may need a replacement
  3. If ice is starting to form around the unit, it could be due to the buildup of dirt inside it

If a fault has occurred, you may need a blower replacement or repair. Care should be taken when a fault occurs, if you continue running the system when the fan isn’t working it could result in your compressor burning out and other expensive repairs could be necessary.

How Can We Help?

The maintenance of the fan and its motor is part of the annual service and we clean and lubricate the part if necessary. Of course if the part is worn beyond repair we may need to install a condenser replacement to get your system running efficiently again.

Give us a call when you suspect a problem and we can inspect your air conditioning system for faults. If a fault is confirmed in your condenser/blower fan, we can repair or replace it as necessary.