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Several years ago a home theater installation would have been a luxury, but not anymore. They are frequently seen in most American homes. Home theater systems are as individual as their owners but they share basic components such as a high definition TV, surround sound audio, video equipment such as DVD or Blu-ray, and a link to your internet router to access multimedia from the internet.

The logistics of installing all the equipment you need can become quite complex. Some manufacturers will sell a complete system, but individual components can be brought together to get the exact specification you need.

Setting Up a Home Theater

It can be a hugely frustrating process to install a home theatre as there are so many parts that need to work together. We can install the entire system to your specification including:

A home audio installation needs to maximize the quality of your audio equipment. Placement of audio equipment is important, if you place your speakers in the wrong position you won’t get the benefit of the sound quality you have paid for.

The audio equipment of your home theater is almost as important as the TV itself. There are a range of options available. If you opt for in-ceiling speakers some rewiring will be necessary.

TV installation
No home theater system is complete without a high definition TV. We can link all your other devices to the TV and make sure they are working properly. We can also fit your TV safely on the wall.

Video is another necessary component of the home theater. We can carry out your video installation. A variety of devices may be used such as DVD, Blu-ray player or even a connection to your PC/laptop to download multimedia direct from the internet.

Other Services

Phone lines are still a necessity throughout the home and we can carry out a phone line installation if you need a new line added. If you need a new system we can complete a data line installation which meets your needs.

Our electricians have a great deal of experience in setting up a telephone installation.

Quality Assurance

Our team at Local United carries all the top-named accessories and brands. Whether you are wanting audio or visual services, our electricians put their experience to work to deliver a seamless service with the minimum of fuss. We only use quality brands when we do our work such as Sony, Boston Acoustics, LG, Monster and more.

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