Condenser Coil

What Is a Condenser Coil?

The condenser coil is a heat exchanger. When the refrigerant is heated it enters the condenser coil. The condenser coil cools the refrigerant changing it from gas back into a liquid. The heat expelled from the gas as it becomes a liquid is then blown out of the air conditioning unit. As the condenser coil cools the refrigerant, it is passed back through the air conditioning system to cool the air in your home.

What Happens When It Stops Working?

The initial sign your condenser coil isn’t working as well as it should is when the temperature of the air being circulated by your air conditioner is higher than the temperature on the thermostat.

As the ability of your ac system to keep your home cool drops, your comfort will be impaired as the temperature of your home steadily increases. Over time the system becomes less and less efficient and the energy costs involved is sustaining ever higher temperatures will increase.

In addition, if you ignore the problem, the life of your air conditioning unit will be greatly reduced.

How a Dirty Condenser Becomes a Problem

One of the major concerns with maintenance of an air conditioning unit is ensuring the condenser coil is kept free of dirt and debris.

Any dirt around the condenser means less heat can be expelled from the system and it will accumulate in the condenser, so reducing its ability to cool the refrigerant. As a result the temperature of the air in your home will be greater than the temperature setting on your thermostat.

Maintenance of the Condenser Coil

It is recommended the condenser coil be cleaned regularly, and we can do this as part of the annual service. Use of a condenser coil cleaner can remove all debris from around, and inside, the unit.

Condenser units situated outside must be kept clear of shrubbery to prevent dirt or debris reducing its effectiveness. Make sure all flowers, grass, and any other foliage is cut back. It should be a minimum of 2 feet away from the unit. This should be maintained constantly.

We can carry out a condenser coil replacement if necessary. It is best carried out by a qualified professional as it may be a condition of the warranty of your air conditioner. It could also prevent further damage occurring due to an incorrectly fitted part.