Air Duct Cleaning

What Are Air Ducts and What Do They Do?

Your air conditioning system controls the flow of cool air through air ducts. The air ducts are the beginning and end of the air flow as they take warm air out of your home, and return cool air back into your property.

What Problems May Occur if Air Ducts Are Dirty?

  1. Dirt and dust in the system will affect how efficiently your air conditioner can function. It affects the cooling and heating systems, and can increase the costs of running your ac at a comfortable temperature.
  2. It can restrict air flow, so your system has to work harder to take in and expel air. This can increase the running costs and cause greater wear of parts.
  3. As your air conditioning system is being forced to work harder due to dirt in the system, it can reduce the lifespan of the entire system, and individual parts may need replacing more often.
  4. The dust in your system is more than just dirt, it is also organic matter such as dead skin cells, pet hairs, fungi spores etc. Any organic matter will encourage bacteria and mites to breed in your air conditioner.

How Do Dirty Air Ducts Affect Performance?

There have been concerns that air duct cleaning is necessary due to the reduced quality of air being dispersed from the air conditioning unit. However, there is no evidence that air quality is reduced due to use of air conditioning, and dirt from within the system doesn’t pose a health hazard. The EPA only recommends duct cleaning when the air conditioning system is contaminated.

Whilst air quality isn’t reduced by dirt and other debris, it does cause your air conditioning system to work inefficiently. Dirt may affect the performance of your air conditioning, it may increase running costs, cause parts to wear out more quickly and even reduce the overall lifespan of your system.

As result, a regular clean is advised from a professional service provider

Making Sure You Get a Quality Service

If you are considering an air duct cleaning service be mindful vent cleaning is just the start. Specialist vacuums and brushes should be used to give the system a proper clean and it should include thorough cleaning of the air handler, grilles, fans, motors and coils.

Give us a call and we can arrange a visit to thoroughly clean the air ducts in your home.