Outdoor Lighting

Exterior lighting options can take many forms. You may need lighting for safety reasons, such as brightening a path with landscape lighting, or to improve security with security lights and flood lights.  We can also offer decorative options for outdoor home lighting such as patio string lights or outdoor table lamps.

Outdoor lighting needs will differ for residential and commercial properties, but all lighting needs to be appropriate for outdoors and we can also offer energy efficient outdoor lighting if running costs are a concern.

Varieties of Outdoor Lighting Options

A wide variety of options are available for residential and commercial properties who need outdoor lighting.

  1. Motion sensor lights – motion sensor lights save energy by only coming on when needed. They are great deterrents for burglars and can ensure you don’t trip over obstacles as you make your way to the entrance of the property.
  2. Landscape/deck lighting – landscape lighting can be purely decorative, to highlight a garden feature for example, or practical, by lighting a pathway or obstacle. Deck lighting enables you to continue to make use of your deck after dark, such as reading or socializing, which would be impossible without sufficient light.
  3. Flood lights – broad beamed, high intensity lighting which is often used for security in parking areas for example. They can be motion sensor operated and different types of bulbs can be used including LED and halogen.
  4. LED outdoor lights – LED lights have a long lifespan so are perfectly suited to outdoor use, especially where lighting may be fixed high on a wall and is difficult to access. They are also energy efficient so lend themselves to environments where lighting is needed for long periods.
  5. Outdoor wall lights – wall lights can be used to brighten a dark corner, and again can be operated by a motion sensor.
  6. Post lights – individual post lamps are often used to illuminate a driveway or entrance gates. They are available in a wide range of decorative styles.
  7. Energy efficient lights –technological innovation has meant a range of energy efficient bulbs are now on the market. LED and compact fluorescent lights (CFL) use less energy than traditional light bulbs.

Our Services

We can work with you to deliver your lighting installation. We have years of experience installing, repairing and maintaining outdoor lighting designs for both residential and commercial properties.

We use all the major brands, including Lithonia, Hubble, Seagull, and Phillips. You can be assured our qualified electricians only install high quality lighting.

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