What Are Furnaces and What Do They Do?

A furnace is the central device which generates heat in your home. It can be part of a water based central heating system (a boiler) or an air based heating system (furnace or heat pump). An air based heating system is most common in American homes and the furnace installation can be fueled by electricity, natural gas, or oil.

The efficiency of the furnace is measured in annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE), which is the ratio between annual outputs of heat compared to the amount of fuel consumed by the furnace to create the heat.

Problems That May Occur

Though your furnace installation is reliable, a furnace repair may still be necessary on occasion, and, when things go wrong, you could be without heat.

The furnace is a complex piece of machinery and so problems you may identify could be minor or more serious. If you are confident to do so, you can undertake a simple heating repair yourself (such as changing the air filter, checking fuses or readjusting the fan belt), however, always take care around electricity and gas. If simple checks don’t help the problem, call us straight away.

  1. Your furnace may have a pilot light which won’t stay lit – this may be due to a loose or faulty part, clogging around the pilot light, or the flame may be set too low.
  2. Your furnace may be working, and you may be getting some heat, but it is insufficient for your needs.
  3. Your furnace isn’t heating air at all – the fuse may have blown, the motor may have experienced an overload or the thermostat may be faulty. However, if the problem continues it may be a more serious problem.
  4. Your furnace may switch on and off frequently. If your system it is turning on and off more than usual this is because of a fault.
  5. Your furnace may be making strange noises – it could be something simple, such as the belt having slipped, or more serious such as the motor’s bearings being faulty.

How We Can Help

When your furnace breaks down it can be frustrating, but you don’t need to be without heat for long. United Plumbing offers a 24 hour emergency service, and we can be at your property within 60 minutes. We can check your furnace installation, undertake furnace cleaning if necessary, and complete a heating repair.