What Are Packaged Rooftop Units?

Rooftop HVAC packaged units are installed on rooftops of large buildings and are connected directly into the building’s network of ducts.

The rooftop unit packages the central mechanics of commercial air conditioners and heating systems. They can be purchased with a variety of options depending upon your budget and how energy efficient you want your unit to be.

Benefits of a Packaged Unit Installation

There are many benefits to a building owner of having packaged rooftop units installed

  1. They are modular units and so there is flexibility if you decide to redesign the rooftop space. You can also place modules in different locations on the roof.
  2. There are many options to improve energy efficiency with a variety of add-ons available to save energy.
  3. The units reduce noise pollution as the equipment is stored on the roof and out of earshot of the users in the building.
  4. Placing complex and expensive equipment on the roof provides greater security as access is difficult.
  5. Rooftop installations are less likely to become contaminated by dirt and other debris as ground level systems.
  6. Maintenance is easier as all equipment for the entire building is on one level. Engineers don’t have to enter the individual units within the building so maintenance is unobtrusive.
  7. They are cheaper to install as you are only installing the central unit and connecting it to the current duct work.

Importance of Regular Maintenance

Cost is a big consideration for building owners when managing a large building. Rooftop package units don’t regularly get maintained and serviced because it is an additional cost.

Yet some parts, like the belt and air filter, need replacing regularly and the condensing coil will also need to be cleaned often.

Like all complex machinery things go wrong, and often it is cheaper to prevent a problem than to deal with it when it happens. Not only are the occupiers of the building saved from the discomfort of a period without heating or air conditioning, the business owner is often saved from a more expensive repair.

As parts become worn, they work less efficiently and so your unit is more expensive to run over time. Parts which work ineffectively place pressure on other components, and over time these too can be affected. When something eventually breaks and your packaged unit installation breaks down, it may need more expensive repairs

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